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Alexis Virgin

Before her shower, Alexis takes time to tease us in the tub!

Alexis had the idea that maybe she’d take a shower now but, once she saw our camera nearby, decided to give us a little show. It’s hot just looking at her still dressed in the snug red top which highlights her mouthwatering cleavage, but she makes it hotter still by doing a slow peel of the straps off her shoulders, letting us drool over the shape of her boobs. Warmed by the window light, she gets friskier as we move in, finally flashing those naked beauties in all their full splendor complete with a ring in her right nipple. When she lifts her hands we see those tantalizing armpits too—oh, Alexis knows how to flirt with every inch of her gorgeous chocolate body! Taking down her shorts, she bares her bottom until she’s finally naked and gives us a knowing smile which makes us fit to burst!

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