Black Sexy Teen

If you've ever fantasized about being with a woman of color, If you have ever fantasized of being pampered, If you have ever wondered to yourself what it would feel like to have a woman do anything and everything you say....then you have found the girl of your dreams!!! I am that girl and you can call me Alexis (or any other pet name you might have for me).

I am the ultimate "girlie-girl". I always take time to look my absolute best. I love to pose and smile and flirt with the camera. While I am posing, I know that you are going to be looking at me and dreaming of touching me. I want you to dream about me. I hope to leave you with the best memories and longing for more.

Look into my eyes, trace the outline of my lips with your fingertip...You won't be sorry. You know that I 'm what you've been looking for.

I am entering my freshmen year in college. I want to be a fashion designer. I love to model and hope to break into the modeling world. I love to take walks with my puppy, have picnics with friends, watch the sunrise. I write poetry and songs. I find inspiration in everything around me. I love to receive presents. If you could, what would you give to me?

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